A lot of skin care routines are quite harsh and tend to strip the skin of its natural oils. Disaster if you have dry or dehydrated skin and also not so great for oily skin. Stripping the skin of natural oils can be a signal to the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Don’t be afraid of oils ladies, using the right ones can make a massive difference to your skin.

For me, skin care is all about balance. Drink enough water, eat well, sleep well, be gentle to your skin and invest a little time and money in it! The following are some of my favourite skin care tips including a lush facial to try at home yourself!

  1. Have you got very dry skin? Try the following mask, 1 egg, 1 tsp of honey, half teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of rose water
  2. Got red skin, a rash, eczema? Grind up some oats in a mortar and pestle, or just put them in a plastic bag and crush them up with the base of a cup. Then place them in a muslin cloth, or a clean pair of tights!! Add to your bath and prepare to feel incredibly soft and soothed!
  3. Drink plenty of water, no really, really do! It’s the number one rule for healthy skin. Try to get a least 2 litres in a day.
  4. Mix and match your skin care products, turn a day moisturiser into a night one by adding a few drops of serum under it. Lighten a thick moisturiser by adding some aloe vera gel to it, combine a body oil with a body lotion.
  5. Don’t write off exfoliation as a once a week/month activity. Use a gentle exfoliant and exfoliate every day. By removing the dead skin cells you expose the brighter, newer skin which is much better able to hold moisture.
  6. Cut down on sugar, hard I know! But sugar really ages your skin.
  7. And most importantly pamper your skin, follow this really easy, at home facial....

DIY Facial

  1. Give your face a thorough cleanse, starting at the neck and working upwards. Use a gentle cream or oil based cleanser. Oil attracts oil ad so this is the best way of getting rid of excess oil, dead skin cells etc on the skin without drying it out. Either use a cleanser & exfoliant in 1 or add a few exfoliating grains to your cleanser. A little table salt will give a more gentle scrub than sea salt or sugar.
  2. Toners can add hydration and nourishment remove any traces of cleanser and freshen the face. A toner should be the most simple of all your skin care products. As I have oily skin I use tea tree water, it’s a water distillation of tea tree and not just tea tree essential oil added to water! For dry or mature skin use rose water. Orange blossom water is also a great toner and smells divine. Get these cheaply in a health food shop.
  3. Steam cleansing, any one do that anymore? My mum used to always do this with me as a teenager! Steam cleanse your face once a week to really decongest your pores and brighten up your skin. Pour boiling water into a bowl. Add essential oils like lavender, rose, geranium and eucalyptus to clear your lungs and your skin! Inhale steam deeply several times, and then place an ice cold compress on your face to tone up your skin and close the pores
  4. And finally, end with a facial massage. Apply your favourite facial oil or serum and massage in deep circular movements, working in an upwards direction.

Enjoy xx



On: May 31, 2013 · Reply

I love oils! I've never had better skin than since I started using them (rosehip or coconut oils work well on my oily skin!), and cutting down sugar helps too, I agree!
I also use a drop of tea tree oil on a damp cotton wool and pat it on my face every day ;), I sometimes used shop-bought rose water though,smells lovely! And I do steam cleansing sometimes when I remember...once or twice a year maybe 😉
Thanks for the tip about mixing & matching products, I need to try!

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